“Make a difference in people’s lives” is Moshe Alul motto, with his persistent desire and motivation, today he feels the fruits of his achievement through the reaction of  his customers. Moshe was born and raised in Israel and comes from a family that values hard work and determination. In 1998 he married his long time sweetheart Vered, now the mother of his three children.
Founder and CEO of NPM International, Moshe Alul is considered one of the foremost authorities on permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoos procedures.

In 2005 Moshe Alul established his company NPM International with his wife Vered, making the move from a career of 28 years in the tattooing business.

Moshe is a strong believer in his Hair Follicle Simulation -HFS- and is not only the CEO, but also a client. Moshe had the HFS procedure done so that he can relate to clients on a personal level.

The Company is engaged in producing and developing a series of devices, accessories and technologies.

The ORON series (which is named after his oldest son), are designed for Permanent Make-up and micro-pigmentation. Moshe Alul has travelled the world to share his method and knowledge gained over the years with clients all around the world through conferences and seminars to professionals, who believe in his system that guarantees permanent makeup and Hair Follicle Simulation at a very high level with minimum time and most importantly with a beautiful result.

Moshe Alul argues that in order to succeed in the field and present a high-level result there are four parameters: MAPS

  • Mechanics of the instrument
  • A Skilled artist
  • Pigment of high level
  • Structure of the needles

In 2012, Moshe Alul has again stunned the market with his trademark method which solves the problem of baldness in women and men; the patent is the company’s flagship product – a revolutionary roller. The roller was invented as an additional part of a permanent makeup system using state-of-the-art technology to perfect a youthful, fresh appearance and an impressive solution to balding in both men and women. The roller’s spring system vibrates a cluster of 56 needles that are positioned on the roller wheel in a cross-weave pattern. By moving the roller on the scalp, tiny pigment points that resemble hair follicles form.

With the roller system, large areas are filled within several minutes, resulting in a completely realistic texture.

Moshe Alul promises to always be in continues technological progress and follow his motto, “Make a difference in people’s lives”

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